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Creative Imagery Collaboration with The SHORE Centre

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

The Diamond Project is all about mutual upliftment and promoting creativity and community. At the time, part of that work involved volunteering for the Community Edition, creating imagery for their sex-ed column.

I sat down with the writer, Stacy Jacobs from the SHORE Center, to discuss how to best capture her words in photo for that month. The topic was menstruation.

Now that's a big topic!

Before our meeting, I had spent a day or so goofing around with fruit juice and tampons, stuffed a tampon in the dirt. I even smeared lipstick all over a pad. It was fun to play around. I was totally down for more shots with models if we had time. In our meeting, as we flipped through my iPad of initial shots I had taken, Stacy really loved this shot (above). "That's the shot", she said. "I'll make sure the paper knows that's the one I want for my article." She then asked to have it made into a poster for her office door.

Of course, you can Stacey!

Thanks to the Community Edition and SHORE center for the fun partnership.

-J.Lyon on behalf of the Diamond Project