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SHORE centre poster and on going photo-writer budding relationship :-)

I sat down with Stacy Jacobs from the centre to discuss how to best capture her words in photo form. Menstruation is a big topic. I goofed around with fruit juice and tampons, stuffed a tampon in the dirt. I even smeared lipstick all over a pad. It was fun to play around. I was totally down for more shots with models if we had time. In our meeting, as we flipped through my ipad of initial shots I had taken, Stacy really loved this shot so much! "That's the shot", she said. "I'll make sure the paper knows that's the one I want for my article." She then asked to have it made into a poster for her office door.

Of course you can Stacey!

Thanks, to the Community Edition and SHORE centre for the fun partnership

-Jennifer Lyon

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