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Interactive Portrait Shoot for the Diamond Project

Feat. J.Drews and Megan V.,

Photography and Artistic Direction by Jennifer Lyon

Shoot took place in Jennifer's studio in Uptown Waterloo

I had the pleasure of hanging out with these two awesome and creative women for another empowering interactive portrait photoshoot for the Diamond Project 💎

Together, we discussed topics around women’s upliftment and created imagery celebrating their unique take on the topic. Both J.Drews and Meghan are artists themselves. J.Drews wanted to bring her newly published book of poetry into the mix and so we dressed her in it for a few poses. Meghan was beaming about her new job in town and looking forward to doing more creative work as a graphic designer.

Both artists are working on illustrating some of these portraits to add to the project and their own portfolios. 👯‍♀️📸💎❤️

Photos by Jennifer Lyon

We made two more separate videos from this one shoot. So many amazing shots!

Check em out! :-)

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