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Diamond Project Feature: Nanma

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

"The Diamond Project is a unique enterprise in that it lets each person interpret it in their own way. I look at it as an empowering initiative to put women out there and reveal their most confident selves. Jennifer is such a great photographer! Posing for photos, especially in a public setting, can make me pretty awkward but Jenny put me at ease. She had some great ideas that led to some fantastic photos."

"Everyone needs an uplifting photoshoot and there's no one better than Jenny.

I've been following Jennifer's work and The Diamond Project closely for months and it is such an honour to get to be a part of it alongside strong, powerful and inspiring women entrepreneurs. I'm going to use these photos for a long time (well, at least until my next session with Jenny." - Nanma

Nanma ( @nanmaunni on Instagram)

P.S. I never told you this Jenny, but being involved in this project finally gave me the confidence to reach out to people close to me who I had lost touch with. So thank you for that!


Jennifer Lyon is a Waterloo-based artist, blending her love of photography, contemporary media storytelling and community building in order to mobilize community-based advocacy with a focus on women’s upliftment.  

To contact Jennifer for a project or photoshoot follow her on Instagram @J.LyonPhoto

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