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ben fanelli, athlete, philanthropist -- all around good dude.

I met Ben in 2017 when he was working on a really cool project. Now its morphed into something even cooler!

Thanks Ben, I had a great time at our shoot!

Check out what Ben is up to now:

Thanks for the great review!

"Regardless of where or when, Jennifer’s energy alone will make for a fantastic photoshoot. I was excited to take some photos for a project I was working on in the fitness field, little did I know she would be just as excited for me. Her optimism and willingness to get the best shot regardless was so awesome to see. I would say “alright I am sure we got at least one good one there, lets move to the next spot”, she would respond and say “ Yea we might have a good one but lets make sure and take some more, then we can move on”. In the end, I have an awesome album with tons of awesome photos. I am now looking for opportunities to work with her again. 10/10.”  - Ben Fanelli

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