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baby margot at 1 month and her momma

Had the pleasure of meeting this lil bundle of love the other day. Her name is Margot and she is so incredibly adorbs!

Momma (Amelia) was so relaxed the entire time, even when I asked if we could put her newborn into a few positions on her bed and let me stand over her for some above views. Amelia kindly held my belt to make sure I was steady.

I happily joined into the rhythm of caring for a newborn, feed, burp, cuddle, soothe, do some shots, put clothes back one, feed, burp, cuddle, soothe, sleep, shoot...repeat.

It was great to have a bit of downtime so I could open up curtains and brighten up new spaces and come up with more positions.

I love doing shoots with babies. They are so fresh to this world and offer such amazing facial expressions.

It's clear from a few of these shots that Margot really doesn't know how she feels about tulips. Its ok kid, its clear that you love your momma and I'm sure she will keep those nasty flowers away from you in the future. ;-) <3



PS- I included one shot of Margot still inside momma. I was fortunate enough to shoot Amelia's belly several weeks before Margot joined us in this world.

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