The Diamond Project is an interactive multimedia storytelling project that aims to showcase women’s upliftment and explores a wide range of media and perspectives in the process. This project offers an engaging exploration of the lives lived by women and those who support them. The project provides a creative outlet for voices that actively encourage the upliftment of women and their allies.


The Diamond Project is a passion project started by Jennifer Lyon in 2017 in an effort to uplift other women; to help others “shine bright like diamonds”. Jennifer has forged partnerships with local artists, entrepreneurs, and other community organizations through this project.  


Jennifer Lyon is a Waterloo-based artist, blending her love of photography, contemporary media storytelling and community building in order to mobilize community-based advocacy with a focus on women’s upliftment.  




Jennifer’s primary focus is interactive portrait photography. Her subjects participate in an ongoing dialogue throughout the creative process, building intimacy and comfort that can be seen in every pose and expression.  Her exploration of female relationships through the Diamond Project has led to many interactive portrait photoshoots with women from all walks of life. Individually and in groups, participants share their stories, discuss issues around women’s upliftment and pose according to how they feel best portrays their unique journey. Jennifer’s artistic approach to collaborative photography blended with a backdrop of upliftment provides her subjects agency throughout the process and ultimately a unique influence on the final outcome. 


Jennifer brings community-building enthusiasm to her work as an artist. She has thrived curating social events for women and their allies to meet and share their experiences, building a connected and engaged community of support that provides an ideal backdrop for community based interactive photoshoots.  She has curated successful events individually, in collaboration with other artists and through partnerships with community organizations, delighting in the unique ways co-contributors influence the art. 


Jennifer has created a compelling social media campaign alongside the Diamond Project where she shares stories, behind the scenes images and videos from her photoshoots and events. Contributors continue the important conversations online with an engaged community that extends across the world. 

Behind the scenes from a photoshoot with Jennifer and Jess Rediker in DTK.  The above portrait of Jennifer was taken during this shoot. 9

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"It’s crucial that we move closer to one another and shift from competition to collaboration. Uplifting each other for the benefit of us all." - Jennifer Lyon

Some of the incredible people involved in the project. Interactive Portraits by Jennifer Lyon.

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J.Drews is a local artist & illustrator who partnered with The Diamond Project in 2019 for a collaborative portrait photoshoot and illustration project. Select images were illustrated and integrated into this site and on-going marketing. 

Check out the BTS videos from this photoshoot here! 

For more info about her work click here

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